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I am Shelly Lang and I am an Exuber-essence agent for positive change !


I believe when we feel exuberance, it’s a message from our hearts and sometimes, it can be scary to feel . . . and even much more so to follow.

I believe when we feel exuberance, our Higher Guidance is delightedly saying . . . .   Go here!  Investigate this, explore here and while you do, trust what your heart is saying.  This is a childlike trust but in no way is it childish.

I also believe the heart is intuitive and holistic, inclusive and connected.  It takes everything into account and doesn’t have a win-lose orientation. 

I believe we can trust our hearts to lead our challenging steps in life whether it be overcoming failure, loss, a broken heart, building a bridge or most importantly, following an excited impulse to try again!

This can be hard because we want to belong, to be seen and valued and sometimes others might not understand. 

I believe trusting our hearts requires a lot of courage and BIG self love because sometimes, at least for a while, we stand alone in what we know to be true inside.

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