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Pet Portrait Commission 36″ x 24″




I will paint your pet (or pets) on a 36″x24″ canvas in this same style.  But your painting will be expressive of the unique characteristics, textures, and colors that tell your story together.  We find such delight and joy in our little fur ones.  They come here to take care of us, comfort and love us.  And best of all they make us giggle.  They remind us to be grateful for the simple things and this keeps our hearts Open & Full.  This is why they’re angels from heaven.

Each commission is unique to your pet and the relationship you share.  What do you adore most about her?  What are his quirky personality traits that just delight you?  I would like to know about the special bond you share.  Tell me some of your habits together, your routines and happy, comforting moments.  I will then take those stories and capture the preciousness on canvas.





Acrylic and mixed media on 36 x 24 canvas.

Signed by Artist Shelly Lang

Please submit 4 – 6 photos of your pet to [email protected] with the following criteria.  Make sure the face and body are well lit so I can see the color of the eyes.  If there are unique body characteristics, try to capture them in the photo.  Please position your pet’s face toward the camera so there will be eye contact.  This will help express his personality.  Include familiar backgrounds if you wish.  For example, a pattern from a favorite blanket or chair could be fun. 

We will set up a short call so I can hear what you love most about your little one, what fills your heart full of joy about him and what you want to celebrate most.  Portraits usually take three weeks unless otherwise stated.  Your happiness is guaranteed.


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