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This is me with Abby Wambach and Glennon Doyle.  We’re at their workshop all about authentic leadership and living your truest life.  It took place the first weekend in August 2019.   When I first learned about it on Glennon’s Instagram feed, I felt the pull to go.  But there was something holding me back.

Their books moved me and I wanted more.

Glennon’s soul revealing account of her life from being a lost girl and addict to claiming her worthiness one small step at a time moved me.  I related to the way she began and continues today, questioning the very real cultural expectations that contributed to her confusion and loss of self in the first place.  With her blog Momestary and her book, Love Warrior, she began telling the truth as a way back to herself.  Her writing has been uplifting, validating and comforting to me because, like for so many other women, it reverberates inside as me too.

I also read Abby’s first book, Forward: A Memoir, which again, was validating and comforting to have had similar experiences in childhood laced with family and cultural expectations that actually led us further away from, not closer to, believing in our worthiness and embracing our most authentic selves.

So why not jump at the chance to go?

I am familiar with these two women and I love their stories and their boldness in standing in their truth.  A huge part of me felt drawn to go but I hesitated.  I also believed I was already smack in the middle of my truest life.  And if that was the case, why did I want to go?  I thought I didn’t need them to teach me this but what I really wanted was to connect with them.  God knows I’ve done enough of these workshops and retreats.  And while I’ve received much from them, I hadn’t yet developed self-affirming connections I’d been longing for.  What I realized is what I wanted most was to connect with likeminded women who were doing similar work as me.  But I was afraid it wasn’t going to happen here.  And I didn’t want to get off course by grasping for anything.

I wanted to connect with them personally because Glennon and Abby were speaking a language I always want to speak.  They moved me, inspired me and spoke the truth already inside my own heart and I wanted to have those kinds of conversations.  What I really wanted was to be seen and heard for all the knowing I have inside of me by others who would understand and relate.

I wasn’t trusting my own leadership

But the difference is, they each have spoken their truth out into the world.  People resonate with them and have been drawn in, a lot of people.  And that’s wonderful, but this means they’re too busy for me to expect to have an audience with them.  I’ve only just started to speak out into the world.  Until recently, I was too afraid to say the truth in my own heart and because of this, I was trying to get my friends and family to get fired up by my message and when they didn’t, I felt a little lost.  It was like being too much all over again like when I was young and it felt so shameful.

I want to have someone else’s heart ignite when I speak my truth just as Glennon and Abby’s words resonate with me. What I understand now is I need to speak my truth myself.  As long as my own heart is ignited, I am taking the right steps.  If others are excited and resonate, that’s wonderful too.  And I will keep speaking even if it feels like no one can hear.  Those who are meant to hear will and it’s not for me to worry about.  Obviously, I decided to go and just being in the conversations with all of the women present was what I needed.  It was engaging, informing and inspiring.  My daughter, Kiersten came with me and it changed us.

When you speak from your truth, you’re a leader

Glennon and Abby are a joy to be around. They’re inspiring, authentic, committed, and doing amazing work in the world. They’re leaders inspiring masses of women to be leaders too and their authenticity is contagious.

They’re my allies in my stand to empower and honor the feminine in our world.  What do I mean by honoring the feminine?  I mean we choose to make decisions from connection and wholeness versus fear and lack.  This begins with learning and teaching our children to trust our hearts. We do this by listening in and trusting what excites us most.  I call this exuberance and this is when our hearts align with God’s heart.  It’s operating from compassion, first for ourselves, then for others.  The more we can love ourselves, the more we are able to love others.  The feminine is also inclusive and aware of our connection with all beings.  It’s vulnerable which builds relationship and provides for innovation and creativity.  And finally, the feminine is boldness in truth, not aggression.

Their mission and how to contact them

The most telling thing about Glennon and Abby is they’re teaching us to be leaders from our own voice, our own pain, and our own passions. This is powerful and honoring. And just to give us some top examples of this, not to mention what we learned, they brought in two additional speakers to their event.  Austin Channing Brown and Meggan Watterson spoke and they are both amazing authors and leaders.  They each brought their own brand of powerful passion. Their talks were life-changing and I will be writing about them in future blog posts.

Both Glennon and Abby are New York Times best-selling authors.  For more information about them, you can follow them here:  @glennondoyle @abbywambach @together.rising and @togetherliveevents and find them here and here.  Find their books at leading retailers.  Check out The Omega Institute here.

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