It’s a Matter of Owning your Power

What does it mean to own my power and for you to own yours?  And what does it look like anyway, real power, that is?  Sometimes I worry it matters more to me than to other people.  Perhaps I think that because I am the only one inside my head and not in anyone else’s.

Being seen and valued for your true self

Does everyone struggle with being seen and valued for who they truly are?  Maybe everyone struggles with having a voice.  But maybe not everyone waits for permission to use that voice.  For me, owning my power means using my voice, speaking my truth and showing up and talking about myself and who I am in a real way.  It’s also believing I have a seat at the table just like everyone else and that I can lay out my list of preferences there and respectfully give space for others to do the same so we can choose together how to navigate down the road together. 

This is personal power and everyone has it, if they choose.  It’s believing I am not superior or inferior to anyone but I bring something inherently unique.  I didn’t always think this.  I used to believe power came from skill and confidence, doing the right things, getting approval, being really smart and accomplished, being really pretty or having a lot of money so my thoughts were about building those things in a never-ending drive to have enough of them.  But in this scenario, there’s never enough skill and confidence, enough doing, approval and those other things because there will always be someone who disapproves or has more and if I believe this is where my power lies, I will feel worthless or at the very least, not enough.

Where does real power come from and why is it important?

 What I am saying is real power comes from knowing yourself and honoring yourself.  You guessed it!  It’s an inside job and it starts with trusting what excites you the most because this is about who you are and why you’re here.  To know yourself takes loving attention to what you feel, think and desire.  It requires developing an ever-deepening awareness of what you feel in your body too and how that’s related to your thoughts and fears.  It’s also very helpful to hash it all out with yourself by journaling regularly and taking time daily to quiet your mind in some form of meditation or prayer because this is where you will deepen into a wider truth of yourself.

The good news is I am here to support you on this journey of being your most authentic badass self and making your unique contribution in the world.  Why do I say badass?  Because it’s not easy showing up and believing in our worthiness.  Since we all have limiting stories of why we’re not enough, we often stay small in someone else’s definition of us.  Consequently, being authentic takes being a badass in the most wholehearted way and here’s the truth, all of us, however haltingly, are headed to our whole selves already.  I am just here to remind you, encourage you and empower you on your journey.

I make art to stir truth, empower action and sustain courage.  Take a look at the artwork.

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With Love,


  1. Veronica Arzate

    Thank you Shelly for sharing these great insights with us. Honoring our selves, so true, we should always do this right? Not that simple… we get caught up on the noise and we forget about this basic concept of honoring our essence. I want to be in touch with the badass side of me! I look forward to continue reading your blog. Infinite blessings!

    • Shelly Lang


      Thank you for reading : ). I am so happy you’re here! I hope I can continue to inspire and empower your unique beauty, talents and of course, your badass self.

      xo, Shelly


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