I Choose Authenticity

Hi there, I am sheepishly saying hello while admitting that I have not followed through on my word to write a bi-weekly blog post yet.  I am sorry about this.

I have zero excuses only that expressing myself in this way is one of the most challenging things for me.  But since I have so much to say, I begin now, however awkward I might be.  Please bear with me as my deepest desire is to inspire you to be your most authentic self.  And, as it turns out, while doing so, I will be smack in the middle of doing the same thing.

Perfectionism is the opposite of Authenticity

Do you sense some perfectionism going on here?  I am starting to recognize it.  I think my fear is not having it all figured out but isn’t that what authenticity is, showing up as you are in the moment, standing in what’s true for you and letting the rest go?  Isn’t it loving and accepting yourself as you are and knowing you deserve to shine, right now, as you are, in this moment?  Yes, it is.  This is authenticity. 

And why is it so important and why does it matter to me and so many others, especially women, who are talking about it so much these days?  It’s important because when we show up as ourselves from our heart knowing, we each bless the world in unimaginable ways that no one else can.  In this place, there is no comparing oneself with any other woman and there is no allowing another soul to dismiss us when we speak or stand in our truth.  We begin to realize and have the conversation with ourselves;  how could I possibly compare myself to another or be hushed down by someone who doesn’t understand me?

I have a Voice

Standing in my worthiness, I know I am, and we all are unique with our one-in-the-world set of circumstances and perceptions, unique gifts, attributes and contributions.  We all have a voice that matters and one that the world is longing to hear.  Settling into this truth would relieve a lot of pressure and make room for so much more joy, wouldn’t it?

But you might say that you’re not sure about what’s unique about you or your gifts or you might feel a lack of juiciness when you think about your contributions or you may have a lot of hurt or feelings of powerlessness surrounding your past and your set of circumstances.  If so, this is completely understandable.  The point is, we can, each of us, choose to listen to our hearts instead of the fear that says we’re not enough, too much or just not right in some way and in this one bold first step, we begin to open to who we really are little by little.  If we keep listening, our heart will guide us with what it most ardently desires.

Trust What you know is True for you

When we trust our heart, it always speaks the truth though sometimes we have to go through fear, loss and what we perceive as utter aloneness.  The more we listen and honor our own true voice, the closer we get to home.  This is who we really are, and it’s filled with connectedness, aliveness and belonging.  It’s home and it’s why we’re here.

Finding home can be challenging because, as we all know, it can be hard to listen to and honor our hearts.  My path started to gain momentum when I boldly did this very thing.  It led to many life changes like divorce and moving to a different country, then moving back to the US but to a different state and starting my creative entrepreneur journey.

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Understanding Shame

During this time, I learned about shame and how it shaped my life.  Thanks to Brené Brown, the wonderful shame researcher and storyteller, I worked on SHAME RESILIENCE or believing in my own WORTHINESS.  I became aware of some of the shame stories that have kept me small.  This is also like coming home because when we shine a light on shame, it loses its power and we dismantle the old stories of why we believe it.  The way this has shown up for me big time is being a creative entrepreneur for one.  I judged myself at every turn since it was all new to me.  I am so much better but in no way over the self-judgment.  The most important thing now is I am trusting my own authentic knowing and my own voice more and more.

This trust and faith comes from me choosing COMPASSION and LOVE for myself.  It’s an act of giving myself space to not need to know everything or to not need to be perfect to feel like a success or to not do things like someone else said they’re suppose to be done.  It’s trusting my unique path that stops me comparing myself to anyone else, especially my mentors.  I now have more faith in my desires and my own unique wisdom for reaching them.

Awareness is Key

Choosing self-compassion and love for myself comes from AWARENESS because it allows me to stop, pause and view a situation and my feelings about it with CURIOSITY instead of judgment.  When I can do this, I am now co-creating with God, the Universe, creative energy or what you most want to call it.  With curiosity, I am open to my body and what it’s experiencing.  I listen, feel and ask my body questions.  Other helpful questions are, why did I respond in that way in this situation.  I RUMBLE (another Brené Brown tool) with my story about what’s truly going on vs my initial reaction.  When I can do this, I get to the heart of what’s true for me so I can align with my heart’s longings.

Finally, all this takes COURAGE because I am creating something completely new trusting my heart and intuition as it leads me.  To access this wisdom, I have a practice of settling into my truth regularly and choosing to honor me.  This requires time to be alone every day to meditate, journal and dream from that connected place.  This fortifies me and gives me a stronger channel to my intuition, and all manner of support from the angels, ascended masters, goddesses and God.  I hope this helps you do the same.

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With Love,


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