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Commission Art


to Commissioned Paintings of your

precious pets aka Angels from Heaven.

This is where you can commission a portrait

of your beloved pet.

We find such delight and joy with our little fur ones. 

They come here to take care of us, comfort and love us

and best of all to make us giggle. 

They remind us to be grateful for the simple

things and this keeps our hearts

Open & Full . . .

This is why they are angels from heaven.

Neece & Chloe Hall – 2018

Each commission is unique to your pet and the

relationship you share.  What do you adore most about her,

what are his quirky personality traits that just delight you? 

I would like to know about the special bond you share,

your habits together, routines and happy, comforting

moments so I can capture the

preciousness on canvas.

If you’d like a portrait of your pet,

please contact us at [email protected]



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