I am so happy you’re here.  Welcome! come wander, wonder and explore.  There’s lots to see and we’re adding new stuff all the time.  I hope you’ll stay awhile, relax and enjoy, but most of all, I hope you’re inspired to trust yourself just a little more, love yourself just a little more and have just a little more courage to keep trusting your heart.  Below is a kind of map to make your exploring fun.


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My Blog

Weekly-ish notes on brave living, creativity, beauty and being a force in the world.

Art Shop

Art To inspire you to take your stand, make your mark and to be most authentically true to you


A mix of casual and not so casual things to wear to share your beauty and brilliance.

Home Shop

Fun stuff for your home and your life to remind you that you rock!


Sacred offerings to nurture all that you are and to build your exuber-essence  muscles to become your most actualized & fulfilled self.


Joyful paintings made just for you of your angels from heaven aka: children & fur babies.


You have questions?  Just one quick click to find your answer.

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