My Story

I am Shelly Lang

and I am an

Exuber-essence agent

for positive change !

Photo by Yana’s Photos

I believe when we feel exuberance, it’s a message from our hearts and sometimes, it can be scary to feel . . . and even much more so to follow.

I believe when we feel exuberance, our Higher Guidance is delightedly saying . . . .   Go here!  Investigate this, explore here and while you do, trust what your heart is saying.  This is a childlike trust but in no way is it childish.

I also believe the heart is intuitive and holistic, inclusive and connected.  It takes everything into account and doesn’t have a win-lose orientation. 

I believe we can trust our hearts to lead our challenging steps in life whether it be overcoming failure, loss, a broken heart, building a bridge or most importantly, following an excited impulse to try again!

This can be hard because we want to belong, to be seen and valued and sometimes others might not understand. 

I believe trusting our hearts requires a lot of courage and BIG self love because sometimes, at least for a while, we stand alone in what we know to be true inside.

Mostly what I want to say . . . .


You’re right where you need to be.

Learn all you can.

Be grateful for all the beauty you can see around you.

Be patient and stay positive, your thoughts create your future.

Be brave every day.  Keep going!

You are Brilliant, Gorgeous, Talented & Fabulous!

Keep Going.

I am here to support you,

inspire you, delight you

& encourage you to

embrace all that you are,

remind you to celebrate & honor

 yourself, and to say  .  .  .

(in many creative ways)

YOU CAN make

YOUR unique and


contribution in

the world.


Photo by Yana’s Photos

Where my Exuberance has led me so far.

0From a very young age, I decided it wasn’t safe to express my spontaneous self.  At the time, I thought my Father wouldn’t understand me and therefore wouldn’t take care of me.  This mistaken notion came from my very limited experience and powerless state of being very young and small.


Even so, sadly, I lived by this decision and other equally limiting ones for a very very long time – well into adulthood!  In fact, I had decided I needed to refer to my father for validation of my worthiness and when I grew older, I transferred this need to the other men I loved.


 Finally, the longing that had always been there, began to bubble up as I gave myself permission to express myself more and more authentically.  What I wanted most was to honor a feeling of youthful, feminine exuberance inside of me.


 Somehow I was beginning to understand that this was where my POWER came from and it was the very essence of myself I had left behind so long ago.


 Youthful – because it’s ripe with possibilities, full of creative energy and BOLD!


 Feminine – because it’s intuitive, open and inclusive.


 Exuberant – because it’s the delighted energy of being lifted up by something bigger than myself.


 I didn’t realize it at the time, but I had turned away from my most authentic power and it was calling me back.

 When I was learning to hear it, I purposefully put more attention on my unique talents and what excited me the most.

 And…. my listening took me to Paris, France, where I studied and worked in fashion. 

I now live in Los Angeles where I make art and fashion. 

 I make it a practice to listen to and honor what excites me the most and I want to inspire you to do the same.

 I make art almost everyday and look for fun things to print it on so I can share it with you to

 inspire, empower and uplift.

 To see, start here in the Art Shop.


Hello, feminine, youthful exuberance!

And thank you for persisting in calling me

even though I had

continued to grow older

and potentially less able to hear your 

gentle whispers.

I heard you and felt you so

I decided what was most important to me

and I leapt, drew

boundaries, and tried new things

and . . .

I painted, sewed, knitted

and created and much more.

This is the Water Goddess painting. 

It celebrates

goddesses everywhere and creates

the patterns on my first

collection of

special occasion dresses and separates.

See them here in the


I believe you can trust your exuberant heart


let it lead where you most long to go.

Thank you for visiting my Exuberessence world and spending some time with me.

I wish to encourage, uplift and empower

all that you are!

Some inside secrets . . .

In tennis, my dear friend

calls me Shelly Supernova-kupokova.  It’s not true but I love it.

The more I honor myself, the better dancer I am.

My favorite gift I ever received from my parents was a unicycle when I was 10.

I rode it for hours & hours in front of our house.

I used to climb trees higher and stay up there longer than my two brothers.

Digging in the dirt in search of natural clay at my grandma’s house in rural New Mexico

was a favorite past time.

I’ve had two dogs in my life who have been my absolute best friends;  Lady and Henry.

Laughing is my favorite thing to do hands down.

Yellow, the color of light, is my favorite color.

My Dad gives the best hugs and has the best laugh in the world.

My children are the most amazingly precious gifts I have ever received.





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