When you follow your heart at all costs, you are a Love Warrior.
— Shelly Lang

Welcome to Shelly Lang, a lifestyle brand dedicated to all kinds of beauty and the courage to live big.  I am the designer and artist.  My first collection is made with prints created from a painting I made of my niece.  The painting is meant to express feminine, youthful exuberance.  Ripe with color and fullness she is beauty, power and innocence all at the same time.  The water yields to her body and dances with childlike playfulness around her.  My intention is to call out and honor these feminine qualities plus openness, allowing and spontaneity.  This collection is called Water Goddess.

Culturally, I believe we are moving closer to hearing, trusting and honoring our hearts and in doing so, we stand in our own power.  This kind of power is subjective to each of us and we all have it.  It is founded in connection, openness and allowing. 

This idea informs all of my work and the work of others who inspire me the most.  In fact, it is my whole purpose; to inspire healing through honoring and celebrating the feminine inside myself and everyone (not just women).  Honoring the feminine is not how we're used to operating in our world but it is a holistic way of being; heart focused, intuitive, spontaneous, inclusive.  I am currently focusing on women's wear, with an emphasis on textiles.  I want to share unique, evocative and timely ideas expressed in dresses, separates and outerwear for bold, self-confident women who want to make a powerful statement with what they wear.