Welcome to Shelly Lang, an American luxury label established in 2014 in Los Angeles.  I am the designer, creator and fine artist for the line.  The first collection will be available for purchase Summer 2017 and features prints made from my art work.  I am calling it The Water Goddess Collection and it's meant to celebrate youthful, feminine exuberance.  This idea informs all of my work and the work of others who inspire me the most.  In fact, it is my whole purpose; to inspire healing through honoring and celebrating the feminine inside myself and everyone (not just women).  Honoring the feminine is not how we're used to operating in our world but it is a holistic way of being; heart focused, intuitive, spontaneous, inclusive and potentially the most powerful force in the Universe.  I am currently focusing on women's wear, with an emphasis on textiles.  I want to share unique, evocative and timely ideas expressed in dresses, separates and outerwear for bold, self-confident girls and women who want to make a powerful statement with what they wear.